Bibles and Oil Lamps from the Holy Land
The profits acquired from this website will go to the Emmaus Bible Ministry, In Nazareth, Israel, to help to support the Bible Ministry and youth work.
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Oil lamps and jars

Dead Sea scroll jar
Dead Sea scroll jar
Dead Sea scroll real size jar

Price: $150.00

Ink well Black
Ink well Black
Authentic reproduction of an ink well from the Roman times - BC 100 to AD 70

Price: $6.95

Armenian ceramics

Ceramic Loaves and Fishes Bowl
Ceramic Loaves and Fishes BowlNew Product
Ceramic Loaves and Fishes bowl, hand painted

Price: $22.45

Ceramic Yeshua tile
Ceramic Yeshua tileNew Product
Armenian ceramic tile with the name Jesus in Aramaic script, hand painted.

Price: $6.90

Bibles olive wood covers

Dutch Bible with olive wood cover
Dutch Bible with olive wood coverNew Product
Dutch Bible Statenvertaling with olive wood cover. Size 4 1/4'' x 6 1/2''

Price: $35.00

Hebrew and Greek Bible
Hebrew and Greek BibleNew Product
Hebrew and Greek Bible. The original languages, with black hard cover. Size 5'' x 7"

Price: $60.00

Anointing Olive Oil

Anointing Olive oil
Anointing Olive oil
Anointing Olive oil, scented with Spikenard

Price: $12.95

Olive wood Candlesticks

Candleholder olive wood,  star
Candleholder olive wood, star
Star candleholder, olive wood

Price: $7.45

Candleholder olive wood,  fish
Candleholder olive wood, fish
Fish candleholder, olive wood

Price: $7.45

Last Supper cups

Last Supper, Medium
Last Supper, Medium
Find the most amazing crafted last Supper medium, made from olive wood.

Price: $160.00

Communion goblet olive wood, engraved, gold inside
Communion goblet olive wood, engraved, gold insideNew Product
unique Last Supper goblet with gold laser engraving on the surface

Price: $50.00

Olive wood gifts

Vases set of three
Vases set of threeNew Product
Olive wood Vases for wet or dry flowers.

Price: $25.00

Shepherd, olive wood
Shepherd, olive woodNew Product
The Good Shepherd carries the wayward lamb.

Price: $25.50 Each

Books and Maps

Life at the Time of Jesus
Life at the Time of Jesus
Life at the Time of Jesus coffee table book that you can't pout down

Price: $25.00

Maps of the Biblical Times
Maps of the Biblical Times
Two historical maps - one for all Israel, and for only the north including Galilee.

Price: $10.45 $9.45

Dried Flower cards

Flower pressed card designs
Flower pressed card designsNew Product
Set of 3 packs of dried flower cards with designs of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Hand made

Price: $22.00

Dried flowers card Jerusalem
Dried flowers card JerusalemNew Product
Dried flower cards Jerusalem, designed as card or bookmark. Hand made

Price: $8.00